Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pretty Eats

Have you ever used Foodgawker?

It's a great way to find new recipes. The page organizes links to websites of good recipes, and it is done in a beautiful and searchable way, with new recipes added ridiculously often and counters for how many readers have liked and viewed each one. Since vast numbers of new links to recipes are added daily, they tend to fit well in the season we're currently in. The search categories are helpful, including 32 such as 'beef,' 'bread,' 'breakfast and brunch,' as well as searching by keyword, excluding by keyword, and searching by the submitter of the recipe. You can also look at recipes from the most recent day, or week, or month, favorite ones, or just a great heap of them altogether.

I use this page a lot, and in the last week we've found and used a number of recipes, including the delicious Ham and Baked Bean Soup, which I made on Thursday and we've eaten once or twice a day since then.

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  1. Oooooh something new for me to go take a peek at! Nice. :)
    Happy Adventing!