Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The ways of wisdom have in them a holy security, as well as a holy serenity; and they that walk in them, have God himself for their shield and sun, and are not only joyful in the hope of good, but are, or may be, quiet from the fear of evil.
The paths of wisdom are not like walks in a garden, which we make use of for diversion only, and an amusement; but like tracks in a great road, which we press forward in with care and pains, as a traveller in his journey….till we come to our journey’s end. We must remember, that in the ways of religion we are upon our journey, and it is a journey of business — business of life and death; and therefore we must not trifle, or lose time….and not take up short of the end of our faith and hope, not take up short of home: and though the journey is long, and requires all this care and application, yet it is pleasant, it is peace notwithstanding.
Matthew Henry, The Pleasantness of a Religious Life