Monday, March 25, 2013

The last few months

It's been a long time. I've been busy and distracted and happy and kind of ignoring the rest of the world, and it's all because of this guy I know.

He's my favorite person in the world right now.

And we're getting married.

Sometimes I wonder what I should tell people when they ask about him. Should I tell our entire history from when we met sometime in the fall of 2007 until this very moment, in the manner of those annoying people who describe every moment of the last 3 months when you ask them how summer was? Should I describe how he looks, including his impressive height and and his manner of dressing and the Canadian accent I sometimes laugh at? Should I tell you about the year we went from acquaintances to friends and how I worried he would start liking me too much? Should I talk about the magical Thanksgiving of 2012? Or should I try to find 5 things about him or us and give them as bullet points that will hopefully draw the truly curious in to ask more about us?

And so I wrote nothing about him or us in the last 4 months. A couple highlights of that time? He asked me out and we had our first kindof date at Wendy's on December 1st. He told me he loved me on December 28, and asked me to marry him on February 23rd. I said yes, and now wear this sparkly, sparkly ring that I want to reach into the sunlight at every opportunity. And we are planning a wedding.

Between now and the end of July I'm sure there are way more things to do than we have realized, but we are the most relaxed couple about things I have ever known, and so I don't foresee any stress about it all. :) 

Some things about us:

*My fiance is more generous than any man I know.
*We've seen each other every day since we started going out. That's 115 days, if I'm counting right.
*He's one of my brother's best friends.
*We are about 13 inches apart in height (see pictures for affirmation of this fact)
*He makes me the most secure and happy and confident I have ever been.
*He likes my family, and they like him. Even after 10 days at Christmas together. Amazing.
*We are both a little nerdy. Okay, quite a lot.
*He's a Canadian who likes baseball.
*He loves hockey even more.

*He has one sister and no brothers - yet.
*Awesome moment of my life: hearing myself say Yes of course, and him saying Oh, thank God!
*I am marrying a man who likes shopping at least as much as I do.
*He's really good at picking out flowers.
*He's kind of good-looking, too. :)
*I've never been with someone I can just relax and be comfortable around, without even speaking.
*Cooking is one of our favorite things to do together. Sometimes we joke about how much time we have spent watching pots boil and food fry and standing in front of the warm oven and sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for bread to bake. The day he proposed, for example, I was making apple pie. It took a long time to finish, and we didn't even remember to eat it until the next day.
*He's a writer. And a one-time painter of houses. Working for an economics firm. So clever.
*We're gonna have the best apartment ever. Beautiful, even without all the neat stuff we registered for.
*Sometimes he says I'm cool or that he loves me when I have put no effort at all into impressing him. It's the best. Like, when I ask for a dark beer. Or say that all I want is a hamburger. Or make fun of some hideous piece of clothing. Or mock a country song, or ask to watch Lost, or am awfully practical about something again.
*We are getting married on July 27. And then we are going to live happily ever after.