Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Almost the Holiday(s)

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and my news feed and conversations with people and work with my student and everything I hear on the radio and everyone's decorations are all about Thanksgiving. Which makes sense. I myself am currently starting a giant batch of roll dough for the bajillion dinner rolls I am making to contribute to my Mom's Thanksgiving dinner, and we'll be driving there tomorrow to spend the whole day and celebrate.

But I'm also preparing for Christmas, hence the pictures in this post. We will have my husband's parents here for several days, and will be celebrating early Christmas with them on Sunday, so all kinds of shopping and food prep and festive things have been going on. My husband also just gave me a super early Christmas present: a schmancy new iphone, which is like magic to me. My old one was sufficient but simple, and this upgrade is a treat. :) It's a 2-for-1 holiday weekend, and there was much rejoicing.

Lights are strung across walls and around windows

Boxes that have been arriving, and some wrapping supplies
Our stockings, simple and practical with a little pretty on them.

Close-up of embroidery on his stocking

Close-up of trim on mine

I love getting out and using for the first time this lace doily my mom made. Cheap candles and votive holders found thrift.


  1. Wasn't it Thanksgiving last year where "all this" truly began? :) Oh, what joy to see "my husband" sprinkled throughout a holiday post from you. I've prayed for that essence of delight here for years.
    We're about to pull out boxes of decorations and go cut down a tree from the back forest. What joys!

  2. Kindof, yes. Interest was there, and a lot of pleasant fun, but nothing happened until after Thanksgiving.
    We very much enjoyed spending a similar Thanksgiving to last year at my parents' yesterday, and comparing all the differences of him (and Jon Staab, too!) being there as a friend, and as 'prospectors.' :)