Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Thank you, Colleen at Live a Life Worthy, for tagging my blog as 'versatile.' At first, I was just as confuzzled as you seemed to be when tagged, but I think I can sort of 'keep to the code' in carrying on this thing.

As part of being tagged, I have "2 responsibilities: writing 7 things about myself and tagging 15 blogs with this award." I will likely come very short of the 15-blog mark when tagging, but will give it an effort. :)

Thing 1. I do not blog only-pictures, only-poetry, only thoughts on family life, only links to other blogs or music, or only-anything-else-I-love. Part of my goal in keeping this blog is to share my love of this world, in all its varied beauty and unpredictable pain, because the Maker of it all is a Trinity. So yeah. May my blog become more diversified (versatile?) as I grow in knowledge and love of this wild and wonderful sphere spinning at 67,000 miles per hour (hat tip to ND Wilson and one of my favorite books).

2. I have never flown in an airplane. This is one of the serious deficiencies of my life so far.

3. When I was little, I planned to be an author and write under the pseudonym Terry Lane. Which I thought was clever because Terry/Terri can be a girl or a guy, and how sneaky is that for a pseudonym?!?

4. I hate, detest, abominate, fake food. This includes things like boxed mac n' cheese, American cheese, white chocolate (WHAT chocolate???), powdered anything-that-should-be-moist (soup, milk, mashed potatoes), imitation crab, etc etc. People, food is important. Don't scrimp, don't pretend, and don't be shallow about these glorious thing that cooking and eating are.

5. It is way too easy for me to get addicted to computer games. Hence, no one was allowed to use computer games on my laptop when I was going to school.

6. Secretly, I have always wanted to be an artist. Someday (perhaps in the Eschaton) I shall do more than stick people and 2-dimensional houses with puffy leaf trees beside them.

7. One thing I shall perhaps always slightly regret is not having kept track of how many or which books I have read over the course of my life.

In Front of Your Eyes
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Imago Dei
Glory of Kings
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