Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coffee, cilantro, cleanup, conversation

That is what Saturdays are all about. Or, at least, what this one is about, now that I'm all graduated and not sleeping in after a ridiculously long school week and spending the rest of the day scrambling to get homework done that was due yesterday... I am beginning to enjoy this being-done-with-school. It is peaceful, and God is bringing everything together into a good routine, even while giving me plenty of opportunity to stretch out and try new things.

Here is my Saturday plan and my progress so far: Running, shower, scrambled egg breakfast and some quick facebooking with friends. Walk downtown to meet and chat over iced coffee in the sunshine while Train of Thought plays and sings not 20 feet away. Farmer's Market, where I couldn't help but stock up on some more produce (cilantro, cucumbers) even though I just went shopping. Now gearing up for some good hard work in the yard, whacking some thistle patches and extremely tall grass, mowing, and hopefully bagging up whatever dead plants I rake up afterwards (though I have to run to the store to get some good strong trash bags). Then later this afternoon, making some bread, and putting dinner together for myself and a couple of friends. My roomies are all off on various things tonight, so I'm inviting two close friends over to eat and hang out. Maybe we'll even see a movie.

I love the life God has given me right now. I will always be working toward godliness with contentment, which is great gain, and am nowhere near sanctified enough at this point in my life, but it is days like this that I feel His hand on me for good. I feel it in the sunshine on my bare shoulders and the laughter late at night with new roommates. I taste it in the roasted and ground and brewed dark beans in my cup, and I smell it in the smooth round scents rising from peaches piled at the market, and the dark and almost sticky section of the street that construction workers have been at for the last week. His goodness presses in on every side, and I feel it molding me into the right shape, the shape of gratitude. Saturday is the perfect time for me to slow down and enjoy every bit of this good life.

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