Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 and 2011

The Top Five of 2010/11. Bethany at tagged me with this.

If you’re tagged, you may respond in a comment or elsewhere.

1) Things you've learned this year.

i) God’s plans are higher than your plans. Believe it when He unravels all your best ones.

ii) Scripture speaks as I desire to, David the Psalmist especially.

iii) Every day, be who you actually are and try to become more who you want to be. Don’t try to fool anyone by skipping the first, but neither be satisfied with the status quo. Grow honestly.

iv) Don’t forget to be with people who have what you need, who can strengthen and help you where you are weak. Don’t try to be enough in and of yourself. As George MacDonald says, “None of us should, even if it were possible, be enough for himself; each of us needs God and every human relationship He has given us.”

v) I like Shakespeare.

2) Things you want to accomplish next year (that you know you will actually get done).

i) Singing in a choir/choirs again and in a concert this spring

ii) Getting more out of books and classes and doing better in one class particularly

iii) Graduation (May)

iv) Moving to a new house/apartment

v) Making various other decisions and changes in my life that I have never had the opportunity, time, money or courage to do before

3) Things you've always wanted to do (but never have time for).

i) Go white water rafting/kayaking

ii) Travel

iii) Running, consistently

iv) Weekly movie nights at my place I can invite anyone to

v) Wine/poetry/cheese nights... I’ve been wanting to plan this for a long time

4) Things you see as important in life.

i) Honesty (even when it hurts) to others and yourself

ii) Submersion in the words of the Bible. Daily. Even if you are too busy.

iii) Hope

iv) For young people, communication with parents or some other godly mentor

v) Gratitude. Every single day.

5) Mishaps. Otherwise known as embarrassing {wonderful} moments that I get to laugh at.

i) I was pulled over for speeding for the first time (which served me right, driving without a working speedometer for a couple of years, and getting a little confident). It was an icy week before Christmas, and when I pulled onto a little side road to stop, the car slid and slid (in spite of my gentle tapping on the brakes) until I nearly hit a telephone pole. It was after the fellow took my info and went back to his car that I (frustrated with myself and laughing with the girls in the car with me) dropped my head forward – and set off the horn with my forehead. Whoops.

ii) One time I was at a wedding reception, and had my purse hung on the back of my chair. For some reason it was extremely heavy on that day, for when I pushed my chair back to get up to get some food, the purse pulled the chair over backward. Hi everyone, yes that was me!

iii) Another driving one... for the record, I had really poor tires, and virtually no rear brakes in my (rear-wheel drive) car. And Moscow streets were something like an ice skating rink. I was driving my sisters and a friend, home from school, and had the hardest time stopping, even at an uber-slow speed. I almost ran into this one minivan about 5 times on the way. The best was a few days later when another friend told us he’d been on the same road and saw it all happen.

iv) Overlooking one book when you’re returning a stack to the library isn’t a very good idea. Mostly if you are heading out of state for an entire month. Library fines... ouch.

v) Once I opened a cupboard in the kitchen at school, and a whole box of plastic forks came avalanching out with the movement of the door. Don’t you hate the moments that really aren’t your fault but no one in the audience really knows that??


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  1. I've just been reading through some of your older posts and feel like i'm getting to know you. Which is lovely. But, right this second you reminded me that i received a notice that one of my library books is now overdue. And i really need to get on that....Thanks for that!

  2. Enjoyed it all...the serious and the humorous. ;-)

  3. Anna, thanks for commenting. I look forward to poking around your blog a bit more one of these days - enjoyed reading what I did, and am really interested in your diss. :)

  4. Okay. I'll comment. :P This was interesting and fun to read. And what's with not telling me the chair-tipping-over story? jk. Love.

  5. My diss and I are having a spat at the moment. We'll have to find a way to work it out. It's kind of like how i imagine being married might be. I wrote a little about some aspects today on Transpositions.