Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two More Days

I will only be home for two days longer. It's not the end of summer proper, but once school starts it certainly doesn't feel like summer anymore. So... two more days in which to do so much, and then we let go of all the things we somehow think should have made it into life the last couple of months. Here is my (mostly) realistic to-do list for the next 48-ish hours:

-Talk everyone into one more afternoon/evening at Albeni Cove

-Spend a few more hours on Hopkins stuff so that I'm a bit more prepared to talk with my advisor

-Make a new dress

-Gather class schedules for Maria, Becki and I, plan what time we'll drive to school each morning.

-Pack clothes

-Pack books and supplies

-Clean my car and check the fluids

-Print off and prepare various NSA documents to bring in on Friday

-Buy a computer sleeve

-Clean (w/ canned air) this crazy computer so it might stop overheating

-Re-send job applications/requests for info, and pray for some work!

-Don't stress.

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