Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gratias ago

My cup runneth over. And so here I attempt to acknowledge a few (teaspoon-sized) items of that waterfall of grace (abundant and beautiful, cleansing that keeps on coming, overpowering yet refreshing, by turns deafening and calming, both living and life-giving).

-friendship in faces old and young, proven in service, late night conversations, prayers, impulsive hugs, tall glasses of water, a head leaning against your shoulder
-the sweet repeating death of sleep, punctuated by strange dreams
-sunrise, the dark blue of Hoodoo Mountain silhouetted by a pale yellow promise of day
-french toast and the smell of coffee in the making
-socks on a cool morning
-water from the tap, so hot it burns your skin, so cold your teeth ache
-a laptop back from the shop - virus begone, yay healthy computers!
-my parents' anniversary cards on the coffee table; a life forged by faith shared, hope for the future, and love fiercer than death
-what happens when berries and cream are combined
-air, and that I can breathe in almost full breaths again after straining something Sunday
-falling asleep on the couch listening to my dad read the Bible
-John Donne
-people who overlook offenses, repeatedly
-people who sharpen me with hearty counsel
-people who are 6 years old, perched on the couch with dusty bare feet and piles of books and missing-tooth smiles waiting for me

Domine, gratias ago tibi.


  1. I liked you blog posts so much! and you are far more grateful of normal everyday things than me! :-)

  2. Sometimes it makes you more thankful to just list some of the random and mundane things that have blessed you. Realize that the small things are as much sent by the hand of God as the large ones, and it works like anything you give attention to; that area just grows. Gratitude expands.