Tuesday, July 15, 2014

today's pics

Sometimes God loads us with benefits simply by placing lovely things around us for our eyes to enjoy.

This morning I had opportunity while at work to walk around a farm homesteaded in 1888. My iphone documented some of the things I stopped to look at, and these pictures remind me again how blessed I am to live on the Palouse, to have a job that takes me to such a lovely place, to have leisure occasionally (while working) to stroll around and enjoy myself, and for the gift of this memory-catcher camera.

 Built in 1911. Photographers are always stopping along the highway to get shots of this barn.

 On an old loading chute: the essential coffee can.

 Ok to be fair, this one was taken last week. Wheat and bachelor's buttons (I think).

 Globe of feathery silver.

 Where once was livestock.

 Also taken last week, but I couldn't resist posting. I don't know how people can say the Palouse is ugly.

 Fallen nest.

Shadow of the windmill.

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