Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heaps of Grace

Yup. I'm gonna do it.

It's been ages since I've written much for a blog post, and all I'm going to do now is count some of the blessings and glories of this life of mine. God is, of course, genuinely good all of the time, but some seasons of your life you just *notice* that goodness more.

I'm thankful these days for:
Maria's graduation from college 
the way grass feels under your bare feet 
how stained green those feet can get 
mowing the lawn in straight, even rows 
little brothers who still like to give hugs and even initiate them 
cold Sangria in a bell of a glass 
a child's pencil cursive on thin blue lines 
paychecks that are twice as much as you expect them to be 
a head of white hair with a tinge of red left in it 
seeing Melissa and Steven with two children in their row at church 
cut-offs and the feel of the sun on skin 
hot crisp burritos fresh from blackened tinfoil and a hot campfire 
the sun sinking behind you, watching the shadow of a mountain grow 
hugs from good friends as they say goodbye 
seeing pictures on facebook of friends I haven't seen in a couple of years 
frozen yogurt 
midnight ice cream 
even the coughs that result from laughter 
dirt roads and headlights 
the weight of the backpack's straps on your shoulders 
the sound of water 

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