Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new sister(s)

In 2.5 weeks I will receive another sister. Theresa marries my brother on October 1st, and we are thrilled to have her join our ranks!

But it is probably even more momentous for the other side of the equation. While we'all (10 biological sisters and 2 sisters via other brothers' marriages) are adding 1 to our numbers, Theresa is going from having 0 sisters (1 sis in law, I think) to having, suddenly, scads and scads.

Here is a picture from the bridal shower this last Saturday. Theresa surrounding by current and previous Dahlin gals. (Exception: the 4 littlest ones in this picture are not sisters she is gaining, but nieces and nephew.)

Left to Right:
Naomi holding (my nephew) Devon, (niece) Natalie, Emili, Maylene holding (my niece) Evelyn, Maria holding (niece) Hailey, Vicki, Becki, Theresa, Laura, Bobbi, Brianna holding (my niece) Alyssa, Lydia, Elsi, Abbi.


  1. Yes, exactly what I meant. Thanks. I had been *thinking* of a different shot where Devon didn't make it in the picture; so there would have been only 4.