Friday, August 12, 2011

This week...

I have been settling in to my new home. It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun, and I've been far too busy to do much writing, and conspicuously lacking internet at my house, so it's impossible to do writing in the evening when I often feel like it. :) But I am alive and well. Sunday I unloaded boxes and bags, and Monday I started training for my job. It has been a full week of cleaning and de-spidering, sorting kitchen supplies belonging to us 5 roommates and the ones left at the house by previous renters, working with a wonderful family and learning to instruct their daughter, seeing old friends as they trickle into town for the beginning of school, volleyball and movies and even a bit of baking. I was hankering to bake and since we were missing yeast in our supplies, I made some Molasses Crinkles - one of our family favorites back at home. So good.
Since I missed it on Monday, I want badly to write a thankful list right now. But I am short on time here at the library and need to take care of several more errands downtown. I'll be back. And perhaps I'll have some pictures to post of my new abode.

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