Monday, August 1, 2011


11. The quilt on my bed that is always needed around 3 AM (even in summer when the house has cooled down completely).
12. Running shoes. It is amazing how good it is to have well-supported feet!
13. Gasoline
14. The lovely Wilson ladies at and the wisdom they share.
15. My family is watching the Lord of the Rings series bit by bit. The extended versions. Sometimes I love what PJ and others did with a portion of the story. Sometimes, not so much. But the watching experience with running commentary from all of my siblings is the best.
16. The opportunity to give glasses of water.
17. Feeling like a kid - again (this time, it was a scraped knee, and it felt as bad as it looked, but made me sympathize a bit more with Seth's bike wreck and bloody knee yesterday).
18. The trampoline springs arrived in the mail today, and the kids were thrilled to have a new yard toy! This is a first for our family and has already been the cause of a couple falls and sore spots, but much more laughter and fun.

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  1. Great list of blessings. :) Stopping by from A Holy Experience. Many blessings!