Friday, May 6, 2011

First week of May

- The sun shone unhindered several days in a row. The temperature was above 60. I love the slightly-swelling feeling of your skin warming, when you can almost feel the melanocytes working away and sending their little umbrellas up to the surface of your epidermis to protect you.

- That was the best reading exam I've ever had with Mr. Grieser's. And thanks to the extra credit portion, I have refreshed poetry clambering around in my head - seven poems in all that I could recite right now.

- Julie. One of the sweetest, most unpretentious, considerate friends I have. Why do people have to go SO far away?

- Lindsey's wedding invitation. Now there are 7 on my windowsill. :)

- My new green purse that I got for <3 bucks. Ain't it nice how one accessory can totally make an outfit work?

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