Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grateful Anyway, Sunday edition

I've been kneeling on the carpeted floor by a stack of books on the Romantic Era and a stack of handwritten notes and study guides almost as tall, going through a final exam review sheet, pretty much since dinner. So tired. Still coughing after almost 2 weeks. Not really sure how the next 5 days will be. But knowing I should be grateful.

-My family came to town today, stayed 4 hours, and drove back home - Five hours of driving to see us! They are sweet.
-Grandma Smiley sent my birthday present with them. I love this sweater!
-Brownies. The kind made with several kinds of chocolate and so much butter that Julia Child would definitely approve.
-Tea with honey and cream
-Teachers who say things like, "I'm pretty much free all day tomorrow if you want to meet and talk about translation or anything you're having trouble with." Or, "Memorize 4 passages from Tolkien and incorporate them into your presentation." Awesome.
-Naps in the Big Chair under a fleece blanket.
-Coldplay (E.g., Til Kingdom Come:

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