Monday, December 6, 2010


Life is busy. Life is tired. Life is happy. Life is stressful. Life is insane. Life is confusing. Life is God. Life is life.

I've been keeping plenty busy. And for some reason I can only attribute to God's grace, my attitude has been keeping pretty much at an even keel. Of course I have moments like last night around 10pm (when I look at the paper I'm supposed to be writing and scroll up and down it and have no idea what to write on it next and lean back on the couch and let my eyes unfocus as they are wont to do and realize that I am ultimately TIRED and decide I will just go to bed), but mostly, it's been a doable thing, this Living.

Lots is on my mind. Here is some of it in its kind of messy glorious randomness:

-We're reading Bunyan, and discussing things like whether he should be considered one of the greats of English lit, and the theme of sight in his book.
-I like Mat Kearney's music.
-Today one of my classmates told us about the movie The Tempest coming out. I'm not sure what Shakespeare or his diehard fans would think, but I'm excited.
-What passage of Greek should I memorize for my final?
-I really, really, really want to play Balderdash lately. Does anyone have it that I could borrow??
-Lots of people think Milton was unfair to Eve. I think Eve and Adam had the exact same problem in Paradise Lost. Hopefully my paper will prove that.
-I love having new studded snow tires on my car and actually being able to stop at a light and not slide into someone in front of me.
-I lost one of my driving gloves. Yeah, that's annoying. Hopefully someone will run across it at school and I can get it back. It might have fallen down behind the candy machine.
-The other day I went to the dollar store and had way too much fun. I love the cinnamon-apple candle and the pencil-case I now have.
-Wake Awake has been playing in my head today. Beautiful Christmas song!
-Paychecks are awesome.
-Seth T is hilarious. End of story.
-It's just about a month until I go to Montana for Justine's wedding. This makes me very happy.
-The juniors put at least 4 trees up at school (I haven't gone into every room, so maybe more). Nice job! Although I wouldn't say they did better than we did, the Commons tree = fabulous.
-I have two finals for each class I'm taking. ***freak moment*** Okay I'm back. At least that's only 6 this term, plus my thesis being due. Only.
-I have no facebook account right now. I think I'll be back in a few weeks; taking a little hiatus.

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  1. I like your list. :) And I will agree with you on the whole paycheck thing. :P