Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March madness

While home for a lovely weekend where no school but the morning monastic routine was done, I took some pictures of the twins in their new room. They weren't too thrilled about the prospect of taking a nap, and I provided a little distraction for a few minutes with my camera. As you can tell by their eyes and a few expressions, they were actually pretty sleepy.

The family came to Moscow a couple Sundays ago and we had a yummy lunch together, played some games and visited before they went home again. Here, Becki, Abbi and I.

Day of the Masquerade Ball. I'm afraid my hair didn't look quite the same after the first dance (the grand march)- thirty minutes of a lot of fast stuff in a very crowded room! Why don't we dance more??

And this week... It's week seven. What can I say? Finishing assigned readings, writing papers, preparing a history timeline, studying vocab, looking over notebooks of class notes. Part of you knows this is the most important part of the term, preparing for finals where all you have done shows up... the rest of you is tired and counting down days to spring break, and diverted by the windows pulling you outdoors.
It is March, and the days are amazing. We never know what weather to expect but the warmth of the season is sneaking in and there are flowers in the yard here in Moscow!! But it snows every few days, a skiff, and the wind can be cold, and rain keeps showing up like a stray dog you forget about in between times. Evenings are longer and mornings are brighter earlier. I start thinking about sandals and garden seeds and the buds and seed pods on the maple tree and the year's first bonfire on Dad's birthday.
I love spring.

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