Monday, May 19, 2008


So summer is here. I think we almost skipped spring this year... as soon as the snow was all melted, it was in the 80s and 90s here, and we all started glowing with sunburns.

It's been a beautiful month and I think it'll be a glorious summer. Some of my plans include:
-earning some money (housekeeping, maybe some yard work for some folks)
-helping Mom with her garden (plan to start planting tomorrow or the next day)
-studying math
-keeping up on Latin
-helping the kids with their writing (hopefully getting some of them insterested in creative writing with weekly assignments. Last week was a lot of fun and I might post some of their things here)
-doing things with my dog (I've been running/walking every morning so far)
-visiting with people I've been missing!
-helping at my grandparents (cleaning/fixing up their house that was so ruined by the fire they had)
-music practice
-sewing sundresses for Lydia and Naomi for the 4th of July (I have some cute red kerchief fabric picked out for it) and maybe working on my redwork quilt or some shower gifts
-helping put on a shower for Vicki's baby
-spending lots of time with Vicki and Ben when baby shows up (her due date was the 17th, so we are impatient!!)
-doing lots of fun cooking
-swimming (last summer when we went to Moscow, I realized there are almost no creeks, rivers, ponds or lakes around there. I love home!!)

I just found out that I recieved a grant for most of the school year's tuition, and am rejoicing in that blessing! Things have worked out (God's hand is everywhere) even smoother this year than last year!!

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