Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lordship, Muffins, Poetry

Satan has no power. We will clobber him with a verse. -from an African Zulu hymn

Tuesday morning we had a lecture by Peter Leithart. He was talking about the Christian faith in Africa, which apparently is growing leaps and bounds and is a very vibrant and important thing that affects all of life- unlike here where religion is relegated a little corner of your life, to many professing Christians. This quote from a Zulu hymn was one of a few he read to us. I love its triumphant ring, its trust in the overwhelming work of Christ. He is Lord of heaven and earth.

Today we went to the Appel's house for our recitation and quiz. Mrs. Appel had tea ready for us, as usual, and while we waited for her husband to get home from a meeting, she chatted with us. Then she pulled muffins from the oven with huge blueberries in them, and we ate them while we talked to Mr. Appel about our readings. They were delicious. And I'm going to miss Thursday afternoons there.

Tomorrow we have a paper due. But we also have Disputatio which is going to include a talk from an editor of a big poetry magazine. I'm excited to hear him... and hope there will be some actual poetry included in this Disputatio as well!

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