Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quote from Mr. Appel

At Lordship class today, Mr. Appel was talking about how Christianity is often relegated to specific places- like our hearts or minds, one day of the week with church, etc. But our faith is not just something we affirm, something we believe. Christ's coming changed everything, overturned the tables, turned the world upside down. The church is a whole new world, encompassing everything around us. The message of the great commission is not a call to believe, but a command to pay homage to the new King.
We have also been going along with the idea that things earthly are bad, things spiritual are good. But our world was made by God. He said that the stars were good, the dirt and the earthworms and the starfish were good. He ordained work and sweat. "Love not the world" doesn't refer to earthly things in and of themselves, but loving a worldly (man-centered) view of things.
The Christian, Mr. Appel said, should "Love the world. Love God and love the world that He has made." We need to love it as He loved it, joyfully, and always in reference to Him.

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